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Working together on sustainability!

CO2 Performance Ladder

We at the AVZ Group think sustainability is important, which is why we now work with the CO2 Performance Ladder. This CO2 management system ensures that we are tested annually on our ambitions, the reduction of CO2 emissions and that we are constantly looking for improvement. The CO2 Performance Ladder is a CO2 management system that consists of 5 levels. Up to and including level 3, an organization will work with the emissions of its own organization (and all projects). From levels 4 and 5, CO2 emissions in the chain and sector are also addressed. A certified organization meets the requirements of the CO2 Performance Ladder at a certain level (and all underlying levels).

These requirements stem from four perspectives:
A- Insight: Determining the energy flows and the CO2 footprint.
B- Reduction: developing ambitious targets for CO2 reduction;
C- Transparency: Structural communication about the CO2 policy;
D- Participation: Participation in CO2 reduction initiatives in the sector.

Our energy policy
In 2021, the AVZ-Group started mapping the CO2 footprint with the underlying goal of reducing it. The reduction is achieved by means of the reduction system in accordance with CO2 Performance Ladder 3.1. This report highlights the components of insight, reduction, communication and participation in initiatives. Energy consumption 2021 Emissions are mapped out every year to gain insight into the CO2 footprint. Because the emissions become clear, objectives can be set to achieve predetermined reduction amounts. In the year 2022, for example, a total of 943.4 tons of CO2 was emitted, of which 517.2 tons in scope 1 and 412.1 tons in scope 2.

CO2 Measurements 2021-2025

From 2022, we aim to invest in the following measures:
• Switch to greener gas
• Installing smart thermostat
• Replace gasheaters
• Prevent heat loss in halls
• Switch to 100% Dutch green electricity
• Use LED lighting when replacing regular lighting
• Placing solar panels
• At least hybrid or electric cars when replacing
• Placing charging stations for electric cars
• Application of video and/or teleconferencing
• Introducing bicycle plan
• Toolbox and/or presentation CO2 policy Individual contribution

We ask everyone to contribute ideas to further reduce our CO2 emissions. Together we are committed to achieving our new CO2 reduction target. Do you have an idea yourself? Would love to hear from you!

Sustainable actions 2022

Warehouse Caralu

7 new charging stations

This year, 7 new charging stations have been installed at all AVZ-Group locations. At AVZ there was already 1 charging station and 4 more have been added. Subsequently, 1 charging station was installed at Hylas, 1 charging station at Smits (which now has a total of 2 charging stations) and 1 more charging station at Sunstock, so that electric vehicles can be charged at all locations.

Warehouse SunStock

New heaters SunStock

At the end of November, 5 new gas heaters and fans were installed at our location in Vaassen. Thanks to the installation of these new HR gas heaters, gas and co2 emissions are reduced and costs are being saved. The addition of the fans ensures that the warm air is blown downwards so that employees can work comfortably in a heated environment. The new heaters in Vaassen are a test for the other locations, so that new heaters and fans can also be installed there next year.

Fabric confection hall Hylas

New Led lights Hylas

Thanks to the enormous growth within our company Hylas, the production halls have been adapted to free up extra space for new machines and workplaces. At Hylas, it is extremely important that employees have a good view on their workplace, since the fabrics must be processed accurately, so lighting plays a very important role. For this reason, new LED-lighting has been installed in the extra places so that visibility is improved, and energy is saved.