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AVZ-Group supports Dutch Cancer Society

Tibelly and the fight against skin cancer!

Tibelly is the brand name of AVZ-Group for sun protection fabric. AVZ-Group has been committed to KWF Cancer Control for years with the sale of Tibelly sun protection fabric. Skin cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the world. It is often caused by too much exposure to harmful UV rays. Of course, it is not possible to stay out of the sun all your life. In fact, we need the vitamin D that we produce under the influence of sunlight for a healthy and vital life. Nevertheless, it is advisable to protect yourself well and to seek the shade every now and then. KWF and Tibelly are therefore working together to raise awareness of the dangers of UV radiation. Tibelly acrylic fabric provides shade and protection. It repels at least 90% of harmful UV radiation, 70% of solar heat and 72% of visible radiation. This link made us decide to contribute. When you buy a Tibelly acrylic fabric, you immediately become a one-time sponsor of the Dutch Cancer Society and you help make skin cancer research possible.

Tibelly puts shadow in a different light!

Source: Dutch Cancer registration (IKNL)

Donation level for Dutch Cancer Foundation

‘Against cancer. For life’

For every meter Tibelly fabric sold, AVZ-Group is donating € 0,05 to the Dutch Cancer Society. Under the motto ‘Against cancer, For life’, KWF Cancer Society has been committed to more and better research for more than 71 years.
AVZ-Group is proud to have contributed to this fight for many years.
Tibelly Acrylic fabric

Tibelly solar shading fabric

When you choose Tibelly awning fabric, you choose optimal quality and a sustainable fabric. Tibelly Acrylic fabric is woven from mass-dyed acrylic fibers for long-lasting color fastness and is available in many colors and designs.
The after-treatment with a special water and dirt-repellent coating makes it a very maintenance-friendly awning fabric which has a durability of approximately 25 years or more!

Tibelly Sergé screen fabric consists of glass fiber threads and polyester yarns, giving this cloth a somewhat open structure. The yarns have a reinforcing PVC coating for a longer life. At Tibelly you can choose from many fabric types, colors and designs.

The colors of the fabric have a big influence on the solar heat and visibility in your home or office! The darker the fabric, the greater the effect on heat protection and glare control.

Our community

Cooperation with colleges and universities

AVZ-Group is a recognized training company for schools and universities. The group likes to work with students to share knowledge, to learn from students and mainly to work together on innovations and new insights that students have to offer.

Testing & developing sustainable products

In cooperation with students, we are testing and developing innovative products with the aim to make them more sustainable. With special equipment which is available at AVZ-Group, students can test their innovative new ideas on hydropower, wind strengths, but certainly also on sustainability.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathways

As a recognized training company, you can work and learn at the same time at AVZ-Group (VET job). During a certain period, the employees work 4 days at AVZ-Group and go 1 day to school. An employment contract is drawn up for the days that the employee is working. You will be supervised both at your workplace at the recognized training company and during your training itself. In this way you will be developed into a professional specialist through work and training!